Where To Buy Survival Gear Easily and Affordably

If you’re an avid prepper or survivalist you’ve probably read countless articles on what gear you should have in survival situations.  You have lists of the best bug-out-bags, tactical knives and food storage systems on the market.

But do you know where you should buy your gear? When looking for places to buy survival gear, you may be overwhelmed by the number of results you get back.  We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of it and come up with a list of the 7 best resources to look into when buying prepper and survival gear.  This list is by no means the only one you should consult when building your survival and prepping supplies, but it’s a great tool for folks that just aren’t sure where they should start.


Amazon has an entire section dedicated to Safety & Survival with curated picks that would be useful to anyone when SHTF. It's also most likely the easiest and most convenient way for you to shop, since you probably already have an account there. They're always having sales, so make sure to keep a close watch on the items that you're interested in and pounce when the price is right for you. That being said, Amazon doesn't always have everything you need or want. We've listed other great alternatives below.

Local Army Surplus Stores

Before the days of the Internet, Army surplus stores were the only option when it came to buying survival gear and other equipment, clothing and supplies.  Now you can go online and buy virtually any piece of military gear that’s ever existed, minus a few pieces of heavy weaponry of course.  However, the local Army surplus store down the street is still a valuable source for preppers and survivalists.

A local store is a great place to shop for tactical and outdoor clothing.  One of the big benefits is that in most cases you can try the clothing and gear on before you buy it.  You can also get your hands on some really great military gear that’s been discontinued, and you can usually grab it at a really great price.  Befriend the owner of the store and you’ve got a local source for information and if you’re a regular customer they may even call you when new gear comes in so you can have first dibs.


Forge Survival Supply is a fantastic resource for new preppers and veterans alike.  This single website offers a giant supply of food and storage solutions, as well as premade MREs.  Another section of the website boasts an impressive collection of water solutions, from purification methods like filters and tablets to storage containers and actual, packaged emergency drinking water in cans and pouches.

Forge Survival Supply also offers a ton of emergency equipment, including tools, fire/light solutions and a large assortment of emergency shelters.  An impressive spread of bug out bags, medical kits, cache kits and tactical kits round out the options at forgesurvivalsupply.com.  Perhaps the most underrated benefit of the website, though, is the newsletter that visitors can sign up to receive via email.  It’s full of prepping tips and other valuable survival information.


Ranger Joe’s has been providing military and survival gear to soldiers and civilians alike since 1963.  The original brick and mortar location served both the Ft. Benning and Ft. Stewart area in Georgia.  Now, customers can visit the website for a huge selection of modern military equipment and survival gear.  From uniforms to boots, gloves, flashlights and tactical weapons accessories, Ranger Joe’s has got you covered.


The Ready Store is quite possibly the best resource out there for survival food solutions.  They offer a ton of food and water storage options, plus a giant selection of powdered and freeze dried foods, making it a one-stop shop for those preppers looking to stock their pantry.

The other thing that makes The Ready Store such a valuable site for preppers and survivalists is the assortment of pre-made bug out bags and survival kits available for sale.   If you want to take the guesswork and hassle of shopping multiple locations out of building your survival kit, check out The Ready Store’s disaster-ready kits.


You may not have heard of Self-Reliance Outfitters, but there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the co-owner, Dave Canterbury.  Star of the Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival, Dave Canterbury’s Self-Reliance Outfitters is home to the Pathfinder School, which offers a plethora of survival training courses, but it’s also home to a wide assortment of survival gear available for purchase.

Most of the gear you can buy on selfrelianceoutfitters.com is suited for preppers that are looking to go more of the bush-crafting route, as opposed to more modern equipment.  This can be beneficial in the event that a disaster knocks the world back into the dark ages, where the only tools and technology available will be that of leather, wood and steel.


The Brigade Quartermaster catalog was a longtime staple in military barracks and hooches all over the world.  Nothing boosts morale in a combat zone like ordering new gear!  Now preppers and survivalists the world over can experience that same joy by visiting brigadeqm.com.  The website is a fantastic source for purchasing modern military and tactical gear, and it also has an entire section dedicated to disaster preparedness.


Geartrade.com is the most “un”-prepper like website on this list because it doesn’t specialize exclusively in tactical and survival gear.  What it does do is offer insane deals on used camping and outdoor equipment.  It’s like an eBay specifically for outdoorsmen.  You can find some gear that’s never been used, and other gear that’s on its last legs.  The price is usually relative to the condition, but rest assured that you’ll pay far less what the retail value is for a piece of gear.  Geartrade.com is an excellent resource for things like bags, clothing, cookware and especially tents and shelters.

If you’re like most preppers and survivalists, you’ll find suppliers of various pieces of gear based on your personal preferences and stick with them.  This list was simply meant to get you started in your search for excellent gear resources.  One website that we didn’t mention was Amazon.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with shopping around, so if you find a piece of kit that you love from one of the above-mentioned sites, but you find it cheaper on Amazon then, by all means, grab that deal and run with it!  After all, saving is a very important part of preparedness too.