Prepping and Fitness: Why it’s Important to Get Fit

As preppers we sometimes are so concerned with our survival in the face of some potentially disastrous future, that we can forget about the basic necessities that money can’t buy. We can be experts on many topics of survival but many of us overlook one crucial aspect of our prepping, and that is our fitness level.

What is Your Focus?

Some preppers focus on guns and ammo, others focus on storing food and water, while still others learn primitive skills with plans of heading for the hills and living off the land.

Whatever your focus, if you ignore your fitness level in your prepping you are asking for trouble. You may have prepped for exactly the SHTF scenario playing out before your eyes. You may have all the correct supplies and practiced and honed the exact skills needed, but if you are so out of shape when the balloon goes up that you are not effective in implementing your plan, all your preps are for nothing.

How far can you pack your bug out bag in one day? Can you jog with it if necessary? How about flat out run?

If you were required to hand dig your garden this spring could you do it? How about cut a winter’s supply of firewood with hand tools?

I know these are extreme conditions but even hand cutting a week or two of firewood by hand is beyond most sedentary Americans.

Up Your Odds

If you recognize the need to improve your health before before an event, your chances of survival go up greatly.

A couch potato will have all kinds of problems trying to go about the daily business of survival when conditions are less than ideal. If you don’t maintain your fitness level now you will be more prone to injuries like strains and sprains that could sideline you just when your family needs you most.

If you make maintaining a higher fitness level part of your preparation plans, you will be used to a high level of activity in case you have to bug out, or need to start making patrols in your area or just doing the physical labor of hunting/growing/collecting enough food to feed your family.

Rely Less on Others

Another advantage of maintaining your health prior to SHTF is that you will be less likely to need help from others and may even be able to help others and possibly save lives besides those of your family and your own.

If you are out of shape and cannot care for yourself in the long run because you have neglected your fitness level you’ll become a burden on others and may require resources to help you out that could be used for others if you had just considered your health as part of your prepping.

The less you rely on others the more control you have over your situation. If you become dependent on help simply because you neglected your fitness you have failed in your prepping.

Where do I Start?

So here is the question; Where do I start?

I feel there are three things to keep in mind when prepping your fitness level.

The first is diet and no I am not talking about going on a diet but rather taking a look at what you are eating and moving toward a healthier diet. Drop the processed/convenience foods and work toward healthier eating.

Second, you need to work on your core strength. A basic set of dumbells can help you get started with upper body strength, like these:

Body weight exercises can get you there as well without having to invest in any specialized equipment. There are many programs online that will give you good body weight workouts where you will be able to build your core strength. Modern fitness research has shown that interval training can up your fitness level quickly and efficiently, so you won’t have to spend hours a week in the gym, just a few minutes each day.

Third will be endurance training. You may be as strong as an ox but how long can you maintain it? If you build your endurance along with your core you can have an all around good fitness level. Investing in a decent set of running shoes like these might get you going in the right direction on your new fitness journey:

As you can see, fitness should be a very important part of your prepping plans. If you choose to ignore your health what is the point of prepping in the first place?