How to Prepare a Hurricane Survival Kit

If you live along the coast of the Atlantic ocean, or along the Gulf coast, you should always be prepared for the possibility of a hurricane. It is a good idea to have an emergency kit prepared for every member of your family ahead of time, instead of waiting for the reality of a hurricane. Always keep these emergency kits accessible, as they will be a 'life saver' in the event of any disaster type situation.

A duffel bag or a XXL Ziploc big bag will make an ideal container for an emergency kit. Begin by labeling each disaster kit bag with the name of the person it is intended for. The contents of each bag will vary as the needs of its recipient. Also prepare a family bag for food, extra flash lights and batteries, as well as items that everyone will use, such as toilet paper, wet wipes and hand sanitizer gel.

For children you will want to include plenty of AA batteries and items intended to keep the children busy such as coloring and activity books, crayons, blank paper, markers and word find books. Other time consuming suggestions include comic books, a CD player Walkman and card games. In each bag include snacks that have a long shelf life such as cheese snack crackers, pop tarts and fruit roll ups. Include a flashlight, spare batteries and several changes of clothes, as well as several bottles of water.

For adults, stock up on crossword puzzle books, books and other forms of time consuming entertainment. Pack a deck of cards, a flashlight, batteries as well as several changes of clothes, cash and snack items similar to the snack items recommended for the children and granola bars. Don't forget any medications needed. Pack at least a one week supply of prescription medications. Pack bottles of water, and a great investment will be a multi-purpose charger for cell phones and small electronics that you can recharge by cranking the handle.

If you have pets don't forget about them, create a smaller bag for the pets that contains food, water and treats as well as dishes to feed the pets from.

You should have one gallon of water per family member, per day. Also have plenty of ready to eat foods on hand such as soup, veggies and fruit, beef stew, canned tuna and ready serve bacon and similar items. If a hurricane, or any other natural disaster strikes, chances are you will not have electricity to heat and prepare food and anything perishable will spoil quickly. If you are adequately prepared you should not have many worries other than safely riding out the storm. It is always a good idea to be prepared ahead of time and to have a disaster plan in effect for your family.