How to Make Survival Garden Seed Packages Work for You

There are quite a few advertisements for survival garden seeds. These types of products come with sealed seeds that can grow acres of food, food for a year, and other types of gardens that you potentially could rely upon in a longer term survival situation. If you think that you can pull this bucket of seed out when you need it for food, you are not properly prepared to have a survival garden. There are more steps to this process than simply having the seed packages or access to a seed bank.

The first thing that you will need in order to survive is food that is already stored. You need to have the proper supplies to make it while your survival garden is merely a supplement to your stored food. There is no way you can wait weeks until your food produces. Another consideration is that you could be in a survival situation during the time of year that you can't plant too much.

You also need to learn some basic gardening skills. If you have never gardened before, this is something that you should work on right now to learn how to properly do it. Most amateur gardeners do not produce very good food until they have grown for a few seasons first. Learn this skill so that you can could have a productive survival garden.

Something else to consider is the soil that you are going to use. Backyard soil is not good for planting productive crops. There are little nutrients in it and quite a few chemicals that could get into the food. You need to have quality soil. This can be done by starting a composting process to have rich soil that is full of life ready to be planted in.

You also need to prepare a water system so the seeds in your survival garden can take root and grow. The easiest way to do this is by having a series of rain barrels in your yard so that you will have water. Realistically, in a situation where you are surviving on your garden, you won't have your municipal water available to you. Without water, the garden will never produce any food.

Be sure to also have backups of the tools that you will need to have a successful garden. These might not be able to be replaced in these types of situations.

While these survival seed banks and packages are not a bad idea, you need to have more preparation to have food produced from this method than simply storing the seeds to actually use it as a tool for longer term survival.