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Dealing With Weather Extremes On the Homestead

The daily, weekly or yearly weather conditions on your homestead can be your best friend or greatest foe. Every year the earth’s weather affects the productivity and viability of the farms and homesteads of the world. Unfortunately, the weather is also usually …

Dealing With Water Pollution on the Homestead

If you read the newspaper or watch television, every year there are cases of people’s drinking contaminated water. There are many reasons why our water supply becomes contaminated. Unfortunately, research has shown that agriculture is one of the leading causes of ground …

Working With Herding Dogs On a Homestead

The herding dog has evolved over many centuries into the various breeds now associated with herding livestock. Border Collie, Australian Cattle Dog and Australian Kelpie are a few of the breeds of commonly found herding dogs on homesteads, although less commonly thought …
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